EMB Motori elettrici

We make electric vacuum and blowers motors export them worldwide!

For more than forty years we have been studying and designing motors with customised features. For each and every request and application.

Come and meet EMB and discover our products.

Technical details

Through flow vacuum motors

Look at the details of our thru-flow vacuum motors.

1-stage | 2-stage | 3-stage

Peripheral bypass discharge

All the details and specifications of our  motors with peripheral bypass discharge to download in PDF

1-stage | 2-stage | 3-stage | 4-stage

Tangential bypass discharge

Discover and save the specifications of the vacuum motors with tangential bypass discharge.

1-stage | 2-stage | 3-stage | 4-stage

Our patents

Each day, in our research and development we study innovative solutions to redefine the concept of excellence.